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On the 22nd Day of Writing: Havok Flash Fiction

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December 22ndΒ 

Hi dear friends, there are only two more days left of this blog series. Thanks for joining me ❀ 

Today’s submission opportunity is forΒ Havok. They are an ezine, and seek flash fiction. Keep reading to learn more πŸ™‚Β 

Havok Publishing

Havok looks for memorable, and well-edited fiction between 300-1,000 words. It can be across a variety of genres. Science fiction, comedy, thriller, and fantasy. They want stories that take people away from daily troubles, bringing them into a new world.Β 

Recycle –Β February 2019Β 

Submissions are open now for this opportunity. This is an interesting prompt and they explain it well on their website.Β 

They aren’t looking at recycling in the way we usually think of it. Think outside the box. They gave a few examples on their website. Why is Jack the Ripper collecting organs, how do the fae turn baby’s laughter into magic? Whose stealing your newspaper and swapping it with paper mache swans?

Strange, eh? It’s going to be a fun opportunity. March’s theme is: Relocate. Both February and March are open for submissions.

Read about the submission guidelines here.Β 

Good Luck

Happy writing, friends! Tomorrow, I’m off to Nova Scotia to visit my family for Christmas. Can’t wait.Β 

Until next time,

Loie xo