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Currently querying THE LOST SAGES – YA fantasy – 93,000 words


#WriteMentor 2018 mentee – working with Amber Duell and MB Dalto on THE LOST SAGES


THE LOST SAGES is a story about a female sea-navigator who is currently out of navigating jobs at the start of the novel. When the Battalion, its handsome Captain and misfit crew, hits the shores of Ionoke Island, Evren manages to snag the high-paying and dangerous job to Rusalka’s Lair, the sinister Queen of the Sea. The story flips back and forth between her journey on the sea, to an elf named East Yuriel, who has just been promoted to the highly regarded position as King’s Guard in the capital. The sun-fae in the capital are being persecuted and East is trying to discover who is responsible.

KING BLUEBEARD – YA fantasy – 68,000 words

Dionne Ra – a poor but talented candlemaker – is plucked from her simple country existence and brought to King Bluebeard’s court of Morgayne to be the royal chandler. Rumors follow Dionne, as she heads to court, about the bloodthirsty King who enjoys eating the hearts of young girls and who has had a few wives before his current one, Queen Aiylia.

Beneath the castle lies a dungeon that King Bluebeard has locked up. Until one day Dionne and her flirtatious best-friend discover the horrors inside. If she’s not careful, she’ll find herself the object of King Bluebeard’s affection, because of the magic that lies hidden within her. She may become his next bride.


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Flash Fiction

Ladybug Cake – Enchanted Conversation’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” June 2018 issue



The Winter Crone – Enchanted Conversation’s “Of Frost and Firelight: A Winter’s Rhapsody” December 2018 issue

Guardian of the Gates – Havok Publishing – February 2019


2nd place in Formac Publishing’s 2018 Write to Win! Contest