A New Year

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Hi friends,

I’m sorry I didn’t finish the #12DaysofWriting series. December ended up being a lot busier than I anticipated. Thanks for sticking with me last year. I appreciate all the comments, shares, and likes ā¤ šŸ™‚

My goal for this year is to learn more about my process as a writer. I’d like to learn how to go from a finished draft of a novel to a polished and revised piece ready to send to betas and agents.

So far, I have only revised one novel-length project. I need some new editing tools. If you have any tips, I would love to hear them ā¤ If I come across any interesting videos or sites, I will share them.

What are your writing goals for the year?

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. I always try to take Stephen King’s advice from ‘On Writing’ – put it away for a month, then take it out and just read. Make notes, but no editing yet, just get the big picture so you can see the structure. Then edit based on the notes. I’m just really bad at the ‘no editing yet’ part LOL.

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