Twitter pitch parties and sea glass

February 21st, 2018 – 12:46 pm

Good afternoon 🙂 !

How are you all doing? I managed to stick to my half hour walk every day since I last posted and it has been soooo lovely. I decided to walk on the beach after dropping off my barber boyfriend to work every morning before going home to write. Thus, this is what I have collected so far:


So pretty, right?! I love sea glass. My boyfriend doesn’t quite understand why I get so excited when I see a pretty sparkly piece of sea glass nestled beneath the grey and red and brown rocks at the beach. I feel like its a little present from God each time I find one 🙂 It’s the little things in life, haha 😉

Twitter pitch parties 

So there are heaps of twitter pitch parties coming up for aspiring authors looking for agents ❤ This is an opportunity for you to pitch your story to potential agents. Try to do this within the 280 characters limit on Twitter. It’s a fun challenge!

1) #PBPitch – February 22nd, 2018 – 8 AM – 8 PM EST

Do you write picture books and are currently looking for an agent? Picture Book Twitter pitch party is TOMORROW!

Check out this page for more information:

2) #PitMad – March 8th, 2018 – 8 AM-8PM EDT

More information here:

“#PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 280 character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts. Because #PitMad has grown over the years, industry professionals are finding it overwhelming to search the feed. It goes by so fast now, it’s a little mind-boggling. And we don’t want to scare off the industry professionals.” (

3) More Pitch Parties on 

Meg LaTorre kindly put together a calendar that I’m sure will be updated with further twitter pitch parties:

Personal experience 

So last week, on Valentine’s Day, I participated in #KissPitch and received 6 requests from agents! It was by far one of the most exciting days of my writing life. I worked on my query letter and synopsis of EVREN the next few days and then sent the requested material. I haven’t heard back yet but praying I will. Anyways, all that to say, I think twitter pitch parties are a lot of fun and they get you thinking about how to pitch your story using one to two sentences. You also get to meet some other aspiring authors.

Good luck for those of you participating tomorrow!

Loie xo

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