Eggos and sore backs

February 16th, 2018 – 9:54 am

Good morning, everyone! How has your week been? I found it to be a busier week overall. There was an online contest called #KissPitch that I entered on Valentine’s Day ❤ What you have to do is whittle your story down into 280 characters to fit into a tweet and you pitch your story idea to prospective agents who are searching through the tweets. If you receive a like, that is good! They want you to send them your query letter and perhaps the first three chapters of your story. Mine received six likes 🙂

That was on Wednesday. So yesterday I scrambled and worked on a synopsis for a potential agent because that was in her request when submitting. Today I have three more to submit to.


I wanted to talk about taking time to take care of your body. Oftentimes as writers, we are sitting, hunched over a computer screen for hours. Food wise – well – my lunches consist of spoonfuls of peanut butter or an eggo. Whatever is fast.

I used to work full-time and would plan my lunches and fit in exercise. Since writing full-time, I have noticed that my back aches and I will go for stretches and not eat anything for hours.

Hence this blog post!

I am going to challenge myself, and you – if interested – to try and work on some habits for our writerly selves ❤

Food prep

The biggest thing is I don’t have food prepared so I won’t stop my writing mid-stream and cook a healthy lunch. I am going to work on a menu plan this weekend and cook lunches that can be re-heated. This will also help save on money instead of zipping out real quick to the Tim Hortons literally one minute away from my apartment 😀

Oh Tims. It’s hard not to when it’s roll up the rim season … lol.

Snack ideas

Energy bites:

I love the look of these so I think I will try to make them this weekend.

Homemade hummus:

Mmmmm I love hummus with veggies and crackers!


I am going to try and break up my day by going for a walk at lunch time for thirty minutes. Then every fifteen minutes stretch my back. I’ve heard of walking treadmill desks. Someday 🙂

That’s all for now!

If you have any ideas, please share below ❤


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