What to do when you’re waiting for a critique of your book

January 18th, 2018

Hi everyone 🙂 *waves* Today’s post isn’t going to be very long. I wanted to share what I’m reading right now as well as my writing schedule for the next two weeks as I wait for a friend to send me her critique of my book, Evren. (So excited, nervous, and grateful, haha)

I began The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh a couple of days ago. I’ve only read the first few chapters but I can tell I’m in for a treat. The world is lush and magical. Her writing is so descriptive and she really engages the senses. I feel like I’m there. I love that about her writing and hope to capture the same feeling in my book.

The Kiss of Deception has been in my TBR pile for ages. I was at my local library the other day and decided to check it out. I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve only read a few pages. I’m so bad at starting one book and then going to the other. There are just SO many good books to read 🙂 🙂

Writing schedule

I have a wonderful CP (critique partner – you read and critique each other’s chapters and novels) who is currently reading my young-adult fantasy, Evren. I am hoping to query Evren this spring. I also have a few chapters out to other critique partners and am so thankful. You really cannot do this alone. Writing is solitary yes, but the beauty of it is there is a whole community of writers out there waiting to connect with others. It’s part of the journey and it is a beautiful thing to walk with one another and cheer each other on.


  1. Re-read the ending of Evren and edit accordingly. Send the updated version to CP.
  2. Draft a query letter and send to critique partners for feedback.
  3. Read a few books in my TBR pile.
  4. Connect with writers on social media.
  5. Brainstorm new scene ideas for other YA fantasy, Dionne.
  6. Write a few new scenes for Dionne.
  7. Go for walks and make homemade candles.
  8. Hang out with friends and family.

That’s that, my friends! I hope you are enjoying your week so far, wherever you may be ❤ Here in eastern Canada we got hit by another little snow storm.

Until next time,

Loie xo



One thought on “What to do when you’re waiting for a critique of your book

  1. Homemade candles? How cool are you!? That sounds like I would make a mess, but is definitely something I want to try. I am a candle-fiend.

    Stay warm and enjoy your reading while you wait!


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