On taking time

December 19th, 2017 – 11:58 am

Hi everyone.

We received quite a snowfall last night. I think about ten cm. It looks beautiful. With the beauty comes treacherous roads and for drivers, it can be daunting. A dear friend to our family is in the hospital. Please pray for him and his family. His name is Jaden. Life is so fleeting. I cannot imagine what they are going through but I see my mum’s distraught expression and know, there is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and sadness. Please keep him in your thoughts.


Taking time

Today I thought I would write about taking time. Taking time to yourself. Taking time to be with your family and friends. Taking time to be present.

We don’t have the promise of tomorrow. We just have today. So spend it well and be present with those around you. Taking time also helps when you are creating something. Sometimes you need to step away from it and work on something else.


I’ve reached the end of Evren. I’ve clocked in at 107,671 words. This is the longest manuscript I have written. I am proud of it but also need a break from it. I need to take time ūüėČ Many writers tell you, to take time from the draft. Allow yourself to forget it.

Stephen King, in “On Writing”, says “You’ve done a lot of work and you need a period of time (how much or how little depends on the individual writer) to rest. Your mind and imagination – two things which are related, but not really the same – have to recycle themselves, at least in regard to this one particular work.” (p.211)

I agree with what he has to say. I can feel it in my spirit that I need to take a break. It’s as if I cannot squeeze another drop into this story. I need to take a break and that is okay.


1st draft – 80,043 words

2nd draft – 107,671 words

Words I kept from the first draft: 40,026

Wrote 67,644 new words in this draft.

Next steps after I have rested 

3rd draft – Focus on characterisation, plot, and subplots. It is easy in the first and second draft to focus on getting the words down that the next few drafts you can fine tune it a bit more. Stephen King in “On Writing” describes storytelling as unearthing fossils. So the first draft, you may have dug out a fossil or found something. In the second draft, perhaps the shape begins to take form. I’m hoping in the following drafts, I will get into the dirt, and begin to brush off more of the dust, bringing the story to light.

Now what? 

I think I will return to an old WIP that I wrote when I was 21 years old. I lived in Toronto and discovered that I wanted to try my hand at being a writer for teens. I began a fantasy/ fairy-tale retelling about Bluebeard. This is one of the creepier fairy tales. It is about a noble and wealthy man named Bluebeard, who, yep, you guessed it, has a blue beard. He visits a neighbour and asks for the youngest daughter’s hand in marriage. Once she gets to his massive home, he tells her she can visit any room in the home, but not the basement. He then hangs the key to the basement in her clear sight. If you would like to read more, follow this link :¬†http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/perrault03.html

It gets quite creepy.

My retelling is called King Bluebeard and in this story we follow a young country bumpkin, who is brought to a castle in the sea, where King Bluebeard reigns. She is brought there because she is beautiful and because she is a great performer, to be added to his performing troupe.

He soon discovers that one of his performers is able to access the Shadow Landscape, a space, where one can ask their ancestors for help and for advice. People revere King Bluebeard because he has this access. They believe they can bring requests to their ancestors about good fortune, healthy crops, and protection from illness. The people see King Bluebeard at a higher status and this is what keeps him wealthy and powerful. For a long time, he was the only one who could access this space.

Not anymore.

This country¬†girl isn’t all that she appears to be.

Add a handsome and broken dream interpreter, a young noblewoman trying to escape the pressures of forced marriage, and this country performer,¬†you’ve got a story about kids coming of age and a kingdom on the brink of war.

This story will be a fairy tale re-telling set in a fantasy backdrop.

There’s a blurb for now!

Merry Christmas if I don’t write before then.

Loie xo







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