December 13th, 2017

I love this time of year. December is my favorite month. December to me speaks of magic and light, family and food, creativity and a promise of a new year. Of new things to come. My family celebrates the birth of Christ on Christmas and we spend time together. We are fortunate enough to be able to do this. I know nowadays it is harder with people living across the country or not having enough money to get home. I also understand that this time of year can bring sadness and loneliness. Perhaps, we can be more aware of who is in front of us when we shop at the grocery store or go to see a movie this season. To be present with that person and show kindness to them.

Christmas traditions

My parents house is decorated in an abundance of multi-colored and white lights. Miniature Christmas trees peek out from every other corner. There is a nativity scene set up and sparkling red candles nestled in greenery on side tables. We bake sugar cookies and decorate them with pale green, red, and white frosting, then dust them with crystallized sugar. Mum bakes homemade cinnamon ornaments that smell so nice.

On Christmas Eve we feast on a massive batch of seafood chowder, brimming with 2 lbs. of lobster, 2 lb. of haddock and scallops (east coast Canada whoop whoop 🙂 and usually after our tummies have settled, we indulge in a decadent dessert like candy cane forest cake or toblerone caramel cheesecake. I know, food coma haha.

These are traditions my family started. This year, I will be spending Christmas morning at my boyfriend’s family’s house then going for Christmas supper at my parents house. My boyfriend and I will get to start a new tradition together as well. I know I will miss family members that won’t be here to spend Christmas with us this year.

On nearing the end of Evren

That work-in-progress I spoke about last week? Well, I am officially nearing the end. The end is in sight! Grab the trumpets and drums 😀 Ah. It’s a story idea that came to me when I was a pre-teen and has drastically changed since then but it came from my love of swimming and making up stories about mermaids and pirates.

I am at 89,000 words and have arrived at the climax of the story. My main character has just suffered a traumatic incident (you will find out when you read it 😉 and everything is unravelling around her. I have the last act to write and then I will be able to type, The End.

Revision plan

My plan is to take a week off and work on my entry for the Snow White retelling contest for Rooglewood Press. On December 22nd, I will begin revisions for draft 4 of Evren. The current draft is a piece I have enjoyed and had fun with. It’s a draft I have woken up at 5 am in the morning to work on. It is a draft I am proud of. I know it’s not the best it can be yet, but it is getting there. Slow but sure wins the race.

If anyone is interested in the competition for the fairy-tale retelling, here is the link :

Ciao for now!

Loie xo




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